Ivan Kral: producer, soundtrack composer for films and radio, songwriter for Patti Smith
Ivan Kral
Photo by Robert Tichy
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Songwriter Ivan Král has composed Film Soundtracks, Movie Scores and Music for some of the world's most influential artists, including U2, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, John Waite, Blank Generation, and others.

The Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer's work is heard on radio, stage, films, TV and commercials around the world.

"When we met Ivan, it was like having a great hero come. We told him how much his music influenced us"
.....Bono; U2

"Ivan wrote some of our most beautiful songs".....Patti Smith

"He's very talented musically".....Iggy Pop

"I like Iggy's version of 'Bang Bang' better than mine".....David Bowie

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